Morning Yellow - New York Style Printed Pure Silk Scarf

Rs. 1,750.00

Uplift your look for any occasion with This Morning Yellow - New York Style Printed Pure Silk Scarf / Stole Wrap. A Timeless Accessory for Women


Look up at the sky;

What do you see?

The sky follows you everywhere.

From the ray of hope it gives you

For every beginning of the day,

To the bright light it shines at you.

From the subtle cozy evenings,

To the starry nights putting you off to sleep..

It is talking in its own language

The language of colors

In the morning full of fresh yellows

To the relaxed evenings of pinks and purples

From the bright oranges and reds

Of the afternoon,

To the dark blues of night

Repeating itself, everyday….

The series of artworks for this collection has been created inspired from the very language of the sky.

The set of 16 handmade collages are from magazine cutouts, each being originally 10x10” in size.

Created in 2014, New York

Material: Pure Silk

Square : 39 Inch x 39 Inch, Long Rectangular : 82 Inch x 39 Inch

Care Instructions: Dry Clean
Packaging : The product comes in a vVyom box, ideal for gifting

Colour : Orange, Red, Yellow


Notes: This is a pictorial representation of the product, the actual colour might differ slightly

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