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A B O U T . T H E . D E S I G N E R 

Shuchita Sancheti is a self-taught artist and an Interior Designer, Graduated from Parsons the New School for Design, New York (2017) with an Honors award for design work across Interiors, Architecture, Lighting and Product in the School of Constructed Environment.

N O T E . F R O M . T H E . D E S I G N E R

In the process of evolving as a designer, I constantly reflect back to my roots of an artist. Exploring the artist in me, has been a persistent exercise for my mind since childhood. I cherish my days spent as a kid, playing with wooden printing blocks, at my father’s textile unit. The dazzling colours and the brilliant techniques invigorated my curiosity to the extent that I started
printing scarves for myself. I was then, yet to develop any design understanding but was still passionately perseverant. Belonging to a family of visionaries in the textile industry for 7 generations, seeing my father bringing together the team to grow Jaipur Saree Kendra (est 1968) to Vasansi Jaipur (est 2007), inspires me every day.
While growing up, I discovered the world of art, captivated by colours, questioning the existing perceptions. How colours affect us consciously and subconsciously? Why do we like a particular colour? Is it because it makes us happy? Or is it because it forms a reminiscence tast? Such thoughts flooded my mind. My early life inculcated the fascination towards art making. Even today, I resort to painting or doodling as a way of meditative escape.
Pursuing Interior Design, I started to view every space as a way of experiencing art. I am keen on creating interior elements that form interior spaces and affect our everyday lives. With vVyom, a Journey of limitless creations, I would like to be challenged, critically analysed, collaborate and develop sharp comprehension to direct my curiosity, hence, grow manifold with positively stimulating experiences.

Shuchita Sancheti